PON Power Meter PRO 10G

FHP3P05 PRO 10G PON power meter is suitable for the traditional or next generation PON network testing. It can
simultaneously measure the voice, data and video signals on 1490nm/1550nm/1577nm (downlink) and 1270nm/1310nm
(burst mode uplink) optical fiber, the same screen displays the signal power of each of the 5 wavelengths, which enables
the maintenance personnel to truly master the power value of the single wavelength optical signal on the line. It is an ideal
choice for PON network engineering, construction and maintenance to detect and analyze whether the signal power is
meet the standard by threshold data set by the instrument itself.


 3.5-inch TFT color screen
 Compatible with EPON, GPON and next generation 10G-EPON/XG(S)-PON power measurement functions
 5 wavelength power value simultaneous measurement display
 The instrument can set the measurement threshold to determine the pass, warning, fail state
 Support VFL function

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