Fusion Splicer Sumitomo T-72C+

  • World’s first AI programmed High Definition Core Aligning fusion splicer
  • New image processing for 5 seconds splicer in "G652 Quick" mode
  • Splicing loss SMF 0.01dB, MMF 0.01dB, DSF 0.03dB, NZDSF 0.03dB
  • Long-life battery for 320 splice & heat cycles
  • Fully optimized dual independent ovens.
  • NanoTune™ enhances your splice experience
  • NanoTune™ reduces your time spent working and reduces splicing loss overall, by using the World’s first AI splicing technology
  • Compact, fast and lightweight 
  • Durable and rugged, IP52 compliant
  • Dimensions 128x154x130mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight 2.2kg


Спецификация - Fusion Splicer Sumitomo T-72C+ 698.75 KB (pdf) Свали