Mechanical splice MS

FTTH - Mechanical Splice
Mechanical Splicer allows fast and easy optical fiber connection in the field. Its simple and delicate triangular V-Groove and a guide help to sustain the connection with stability, and a beginner can assemble easily. It accommodates all cables of 0,250/0,900 mm and does not require additional tools to disassemble and reconnect. It provides equivalent performance to fusion splicer.
• V-Groove is embed in a body and protects a blockage of a cable in insertion.
• Buffer of 900 micro guides a fiber to insert securely.
• unique triangular groove minimizes misplacement of a fiber.
• MS's simplified structure of 4 compartments allows an installer to conveniently reassemble and disassemble.
• The upper plate compresses the V-Groove and prevents a fiber from being misplaced.
Insertion loss ≤ 0.2dB
Return loss ≥ 50dB
Tensile strength Max 400g