Fiber Amplifier EDFA1500

EDFA1500 series is a CATV booster optical amplifier with gain spectrum band within 1530~1560nm. It has low noise figure, high-saturated output power. It is applicable for central bureau, sub-bureau and line relay, as well as other optical communication network.

  • Dual mechanic cooler in the housing and inside iron box to protect the laser. Work a long time.
  • RJ45 port for SNMP remote management.
  • RS232 for local management.
  • Adopts JDSU, Fitel and Bookham Pump laser.
  • Good stability, VFD or LED displays the working conditions, good trouble alarm system.
  • Power supply 90V ~ 265V AC or -48V DC for the user's choice.
  • Max output can reach 27dBm.

Data sheet- Fiber Amplifier EDFA1500 122.18 KB (pdf) Download